Ride Types

Coffee shop rides Generally graded as easy introductory rides for novices. They act as an introduction for newbies to riding with a group and may not yet have the confidence to do more challenging rides. They are local rides, that as the name suggests, finish at a coffee shop. They also act  as an easy doddle for experienced members be an opportunity to have a purely social  local exploration and a chance to chat.

Day rides These are an opportunity to ride somewhat  longer distances and can range from easy through to medium and even hard rides. They may be along city and suburbs bike trails and suburban streets on sealed and unsealed roads and trails. They may also be on quieter roads and rail trail rides in the bush. Ranging in distance from 10km to 70km on weekends, throughout the entire year.
  • Loops The ride finishes at the start location.
  • Point to point The ride finishes in a different location to the start.

Multi day rides

  • Hub rides use a town as a base from which we do easy and day rides which loop out in various directions and destinations.
  • Touring rides go from location to location.

Ride Gradings 

(Use this as a guide only as wind and high temperatures can significantly increase difficulty)

Easy Relatively short distances (10-25km).

Easy terrain, few hills & no steep grades. No real time factor, frequent stops. Suitable for occasional cyclists looking for a social ride.

Medium Longer distances - up to 40km in hilly country or 60km in flat country.

Ability to maintain a reasonable speed (10-15kph) to meet critical time factors is required.
Suitable for the average cyclist.

Hard Long distances – more than 60km in hilly country or 80km on the flat.

Riders must be able to maintain high average speed 15-30kph.
Extensive experience in all aspects of cycling is mandatory. Suited to the fitter cyclist.

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