Murray to Mountains 2013

WE had a lonnng weekend riding from Wangaratta to Myrtleford and using it as a hub for rides to surrounding destinations.  Great weather and some of the most beautiful contryside in the Ovens and Buffalo valleys made for oustanding riding.

Pre ride camp

Joe, John and Steve D stayed for 3 days at Wangaratta Caravan Park. This allowed us to get to Wang a couple of days before the Melbourne Cup day long weekend rush and to transport the bikes up. (Some trains were being replaced by buses).We also pre tripped some of the roads by car.

On the trail near Longdrigan

We have a water stop and a photo opportunity.

At Eurobin Station.

A classic group photo opprtunity by a trail sign.

In the Buffalo Valley

Photos only give a imperfect idea of this fantasticly beautiful area, even with the benefit of a panorama.

The valley south of Mytleford.

A friendly property owner gave us permission to take in the view from behind  his house off Lognos Lane.

Lunch at Gapstead Winery

We had a 3 course meal and wine to match each course. Life is tough on the balcony in the shade, looking out over the Ovens Valley...and then a return wobble to Myrtleford.

Picnic at Lake Buffalo

We manage to find a shady spot for lunch overlooking the lake.