High country wander 2017

We opted for something a little different with a high country wander over 4 days out of Chiltern to Yakandandah,  Myrtelford and Wangaratta.
We had a rest day at Myrtleford to wonble out to lunch at Gapstead Winery. There we had a 3 course meal with a wine  matched to the food. It was rough, but we managed it somehow.

On  Back Creek Road south of Yakandandah #1. This is a little lumpier than the main road, but much more scenic and quieter.

On  Back Creek Road south of Yakandandah #2. This is typical of the quiet back road.

On  Back Creek Road south of Yakandandah #3. The views continued right until we joined the Myrtleford - Yakandandah Road again.

On the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail as we gently descend to the plains.

A picnic lunch just north of Myrtleford. There are tables here, but it's much nicer under the trees. Just use your jacket to sit on to keep yourself dry.

Everton Station site is one of the stops on the rail  trail. It has parking, water, shelter, tables and toilets available. We had lunch there.

Here we are at the ride end at Wangaratta Station. Even I get in the photo, as Liz' hubby took this pic.