Cobbledicks Ford 2011

The west side of Melbourne is scrubby and flat. It is hard to believe we are less than  40km from the CBD. It certainly is an eye opener for those of us from the other side of Melbourne. Riding out from Watergardens station to open countryside gets further each year, with suburbia creeping further out. See Bikely for more details on the route.

The ford itself was closed at the time we ran the ride, so we had to loop around and enter Werribbee from another direction.

Parliament Station

We change trains for Watergardens. It makes a good starting point for the ride as the metropolitan train terminates there and gives plenty of time to get off.

Open spaces

We ride through the flat volcanic plain. The roads are unsealed, but not too rough.

Approaching Cobbledicks Ford

Descending along the north side of the park. We love the avenue of trees.

Plenty of water in the Werribbee River

Jill goes down to the river to check out the water level.

The reserve

Lots of work has been done to the Cobbledicks Ford Reserve and it is starting to look good.