Castlemaine hub ride 2007

Occasionally we like to stay at a central location and do day rides. This means we don't have to repack and unpack for each days ride. Links to larger versions of the pix are in green.
The food line.

We stayed at Campbell Street Lodge (That's in  Campbell Street. No kidding Sherlock) and used the apartment. On our first night we decided to prepare our own pasta sauce from fresh ingredients. The red wine also flowed that night.

Mount Terrengower tower.

The heroes atop the viewing tower. The other wimps went into town for cake and lattes.

The tourist train pulls in.

The tourist train from Maldon to Castlemaine takes bicycles. As some of our group are steam train nuts, we decided to go into training. (We caught the train).


We line up and load up.

All eight bikes aboard.

Unlike VicRail they had no issues with loading 7 bikes and a tandem at short notice.


Some of our group made choo choo  and whistle noises to entertain the children in the carriage. They looked at us as though we were mad. (We were). This photo shows us going through Muckleford.

Walkies #2.

On the last morning the group were enthusiastic about doing an easy ride around the tourist road on the east side of town. The map I showed them is not topographic. Ha ha.