Bairnsdale Rail Trail 2006

We rode the trail on the Melbourne Cup weekend. We were just in time to avoid the bushfires in December. Links to larger versions of the pix are in green.

Ready to go

All together at Bairnsdale Station ready to go. We are still clean at this stage. (More on this later).

Under the road #1

The rail trail goes under several roads on it's way.

Under the road #2

I liked this photo so much I included  the back group in a separate photo.

Into the valley towards Bruthen

The trail opens out towards Bruthen with pleasant views through farmland.

Bridge outside Bruthen

The bridges along the trail have not been repaired for bike traffic, and so the trail goes alongside.

Before the valley crossing

A good place for a group photo and a great backdrop. Ham it up you lot.

Through the valley

This railway bridge outside Nowa Nowa is HUGE. The trail has been damaged by rain and we had to walk up the hill. I tried to ride up but lost traction falling into a rut. Crushed nuts...

Orbost munchies

On the hotel balcony the other members organised some munchies and wine for my big five o. Someone suggested a couple of bottles of wine to go with the bikkies and dips. Trouble is, several members independently took it on themselves to do the supply thing for the wine without telling the others. Later, after several bottles, I was informed we had a good time.

What!! More wine?????

At Nowa Nowa we cooked up a huge pasta meal in the common room of Mingling Waters Park. By this time the wine thing was in full swing again.

Brown streaky backs

Due to a good rain storm on our way back, those without mudguards on their bikes endured the wet brown  back syndrome. Ha ha.

Another ugly mud shot

Even with a rear mudguard, gritty mud was the order of the day. My bike's mudguard had been snapped off short by a rogue stick, and so I copped some too.  I have since fitted a replacement.

Packing up

A change of clothes and a clean up at Orbost Station was in order before we headed back to Melbourne by train.

And so ended another ride of the Bayside Bicycle Mud Puppies and Wine Sots Association.